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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Star Beacon's 25th anniversary issue reviews past issues since April 1987 and includes the following articles:

Radio Waves: Radiation vs. Radioactive Materials (by Ray Larsen)

The Meaning of It All: Dishing out 25 years of spiritual nourishment (by Ann Ulrich Miller)

News Tidbits

Astral explorer traverses space and time, an interview with "Anna"

The Gentle Way, Q & A (by Tom T. Moore)

Seattle food forest not a fairytale

Conversations with Spirit and John Cali, "Having fun can save your life"

DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich Miller)

Ufological Crossword

Cosmic Book Review: Evolution Through Contact by Don Daniels

The missing inventor Ashton Mochel (by Valerie Benson)

Sci-Fi Classics: Part 2 of "The Time Machine" by HG Wells

Plus the return of the Meeb-Beep cartoon by Cmdr Sanni Ceto

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Some of the above articles are available to read for free on line. Just click on the links. If you'd like to receive the full 24-page anniversary issue just order the PDF version for $2 using PayPal on the Home Page. Or if you'd like the print version, send $4.00 to Earth Star, 216 Sundown Circle, Pagosa Springs CO 81147.

Subscriptions are $27/year (US), $30 Canada, $36 overseas, and just $12 worldwide for the full-color PDF version. Don't miss out on the second 25 years! Subscribe here.

Also, back issues are available for every issue (all 299 of them!) for just $2.00 apiece. Contact us for more information or visit The Star Beacon's Subject Index for a list of the articles organized by year.

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Spring is Here! It's Springtime in the Rockies and Pagosa Springs is bursting with
sunshine, blue skies and new life. The first hummingbird arrived at my feeder just
yesterday. Pagosa Springs is also a mecca for light workers... and they are flowing
into this beautiful, small, light-centered community... a safe haven for what could lie
ahead. Have you thought about leaving the big city for a slower paced life among
like-minded souls?

Well, if you're considering Pagosa Springs... consider attending the Transformation 2012 Conference in mid August, sponsored by the Institute of Light. Mark Kimmel has a great lineup of speakers and workshops at a reasonable cost ($295 for the full 3 days). More information is available at www.cosmicparadigm.com.

And while you're musing about Pagosa Springs... consider visiting this Web site to check out Doug's and my homes which are for sale, at http://sundownproperty.tripod.com.

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A Sneak Peek!

SONATA SUMMER, my romantic suspense novel set in Aspen, Colorado, is coming out in June ($11.95 through Earth Star). But already the ebook is available on Amazon Kindle for just $5.00. Check it out!

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Ad deadline for the June issue is May 15th. This is also the deadline for including conferences and other news. Send them to starbeacon@gmail.com.

Since Doug and I will be away for the month of June, communication may be limited, but I will have the laptop along and try to handle business the best way I can.

Until next time... Namasté!


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