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Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's in the June 2013 Star Beacon?

Orbs! Who isn't fascinated by these photographic marvels?
Photo by Ann Ulrich Miller

In the June 2013 issue of The Star Beacon, Tom T. Moore writes about "Understanding Orbs" in our lead article. He says "Orbs are spirits in many different forms. They are energy with consciousness."Because orbs' energy is just above the human eye spectrum, that is why they normally are seen only in photographs. You'll see lots of photographs of Orbs in the June issue!

Sad news ... James Parsons, author of the new release, Into the Wild Blue and Beyond (Earth Star Publications, July 2013), passed away on May 5 ... before he got a chance to see his book on UFOs in print. Jim wrote many book reviews and articles about UFOs in the pages of The Star Beacon and was an art dealer and gallery owner from the Taos area. He is missed.

Are you "Awake in a Sleeping World"? Jennifer Hoffman writes about Indigos and Crystals, and what it means to wake people up or let them sleep till they're ready to discover enlightenment.

In an article titled "Genetic Suicide," John Dermus writes about genetically modified foods and the danger we face on this profiteers' bandwagon.

"Could Patrick Flanagan be the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla?" An interesting question posed by Sterling D. Allan, CEO of Pure Energy Systems, Inc. He gives his reasons why he thinks Gillis Patrick Flanagan is the most likely candidate for Tesla's reincarnation. Fascinating!

Mo Xinhai's article, "Physicist proposes new theory that gravity does not exist" is something new to consider. He discusses Professor Eric Verlinde, a respected string theorist and professor of physics at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Amsterdam.

"Contact is Now, 5D is Here" by James Gilliland talks about the great transformation that is happening and how it is time now to release the past, be kind to ourselves and others, and get with the program.

Consultant palmist T. Stokes in England has written an article, "Check your fingernails," which can provide important information in the health field with regard to palmistry.

DISC-ussion, edited by yours truly, has several topics in the June issue. Filer's Files (#19-2013) was the source of these mini-reports on UFOs: "Citizens hearings on disclosure," "Congresswoman Kilpatrick praises testimony," "Sen. Mike Gravel says White House is hiding UFO evidence," and "Visitors from Outer Space - Real or Not - are focus of discussion in Hearing Testimony."

Our Cosmic Book Review of the month is "Contact from Sirius-B," on the newly released revised edition of Permutation, A True UFO Story by Shirle Klein-Carsh and Ann Carol Ulrich. Shirle is a surrealist artist from Canada and has an intriguing story to tell about her contact with an alien named Frank, whom she knew as a friend, and from whom she learned a lot over the course of two years.

"Your Horoscope & Your Health" is an interesting astrological perspective written by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, who wrote The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, plus horoscope columns and more.

In "Conversations with Spirit and John Cali" this month, he discusses "What's wrong with me?" and relates what to do when you are constantly greeted with disappointment after you try so hard to attract something good into your life.

"Springtime in the Rockies" is the subhead of my column, "The Meaning of It All," in which I talk about the changing of the seasons, the birds of the Rockies, and embracing change in these troubling times. By speaking our truth, we can begin to bring about change and improvement.

Commander Sanni's "Star Base" Q & A column has only one question this time, but I promise she'll be back with more answers for those who want to "Ask ET" in the August issue.

In "The Ships of Truth," Willy Whitefeather, of Cherokee descent, talks about his vision and the symbology of it all.

The June issue includes classifieds and the final UFO crossword puzzle. There probably aren't going to be any more. Things are always changing, and you never know what new feature will be coming to The Star Beacon. One thing is for sure... The Star Beacon will have a new address in the fall. We are leaving Colorado and moving to Washington state! More about this next time...

Friday, March 22, 2013

from the February 2013 Star Beacon

The Meaning of It All


I love water. Growing up in a suburb of Madison, Wis., I was surrounded by lakes. Fishing, boating and swimming were activities we took for granted.

I’ve always loved being by water, which makes sense, I suppose, partly because I am a water sign (Cancer).

Water is vital to our very existence on this planet. A person can live a month without food, but no longer than a week without water. We live on a predominantly water planet. Almost 72 percent of our world is water. But I never saw the ocean until my family took a trip out West in 1969.

Then, in 1982, when we again took a trip to California and visited an ocean beach near San Diego, my then 2-year-old son Marty screamed and was frightened by the ocean. (Later in life he moved to that area in California and spent many years there.)

In 2011 Doug and I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest. When we reached the coast at Newport, Ore., and I saw the ocean again … I was ecstatic. I’ll never forget the glee on Doug’s face when he saw how excited I was to be there. Actually, it had been a number of years since he had seen salt water himself, after leaving the Coast Guard.

As we traveled up the West Coast toward Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, I felt more drawn to the sea. What a magnificent, powerful force of Nature this is.

Oceans contain 99 percent of living space on the planet, according to “Ocean Facts” from marinebio.org. Fifty to 80 percent of all life on Earth is found under the ocean’s surface, and less than 10 percent of the oceans have been explored. Oceans comprise 97 percent of Earth’s water supply.

While vacationing in Washington and Oregon the last couple of years, Doug and I enjoyed the ocean and beaches, which are different in the Northwest than in, say, warmer areas of the country such as Florida and the Gulf—which I have also seen. The rugged shoreline of Washington and the beauty of the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island are unsurpassed. We feel drawn there.

Some lightworker friends are concerned about my choice of relocation. They say it is not safe to live by an ocean. “There could be a tsunami.” Well yes, I suppose that could be true. But a lot of things can happen to the planet, no matter where you live, even here in the Four Corners region.

The Pacific Ocean occupies one third of Earth’s surface. According to scientists, the sea level has risen an average of 10-25 cm over the past 100 years, and it will continue to rise, probably on a gradual basis. If all of the world’s ice melted, the oceans would rise 66 meters. That’s fairly significant, but it’s not enough of a fact to scare me from going to a location that I want to experience.

When I was a little girl, people talked about earthquakes in California and Japan. Fear kept me from considering moving to those places, and yet people still live there and life goes on. Devastating tornadoes continue to batter the Southeast and Midwest (including Wisconsin, where I grew up) and people remain there. Destructive hurricanes bombard the East Coast, yet people simply rebuild and go on with their lives. Forest fires and drought have plagued the West and Southwest, yet this is where we live and we even put up with frantically cold winters here in Pagosa Springs.

People cannot let other people tell them where to live. Priorities sometimes dictate where one chooses to live. For instance, if you’re into making a whole lot of money and want a lucrative job, you’ll probably move to a big city where there is more opportunity. I’ve never lived in a big city and do not care to. Some people don’t ever leave their hometowns, including some family members I know.
I’ve always liked experiencing life in different areas of the country. But now that I am older, finding the right vibrational location is what matters to me.

The ocean calls me. At night, after the lights are out, I turn on my “Ocean Waves” CD and it lulls me to sleep. There is mystery about the ocean and the life it contains. It is alive. It is tranquil and it is dangerous. Ask my sailor.

It is such a large part of Earth and I’m looking forward to those days ahead when I can walk those rocky, sandy beaches once again and smell the salt, listen to the roar of the surf, feel the wind-whipped mist upon my face, and focus my binoculars on what’s out there, popping its head out of the water or taking wing in the salty air.

Earth is a precious gem. Savor it.

To see other articles from the February 2013 Star Beacon, visit www.earthstarpublications.com

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Moving into the next phase

Well, here we are. It’s December 2012, the month we’ve all been waiting for ... the month we’ve heard so much about. Will there actually be a monumental event that will rock our world, our solar system, our lives from this point on?

More importantly, will there be a 2013? 2014 and beyond?

There have been a lot of books written about this year 2012. What is going to happen to all these books as we pass this mark in history? Will people just forget about them? Will they discard the whole idea? I hope not.

All of the things lightworkers have been saying and creatively manifesting are for the betterment of our existence. I have every reason to believe that there will be a shift. A shift in consciousness has been going on for a very long time actually.

The “hope and change” mantra was not invented by our political leaders, but has been the message since Jesus walked the earth. The lightworkers are the ones spreading love and light through their open hearts, receptive minds and caring through sharing. This is not anything new ... and certainly the “New Age” was never new; it is, in fact, ancient.

I remember sadly how my late husband said to me before his passing that he regretted that he would not live to see 2012. I told him at that time that he was lucky because he would get to view it all from a higher perspective. He would indeed be very much a part of what is to take place.

In the last several years we have seen things pretty much go downhill ... the economy, the world’s politics, earth changes and values. Just in this past year we’ve witnessed major droughts and a horrific hurricane (Sandy) that devastated thousands of lives and homes in the northeastern United States.

Yet I think we would have seen much worse had it not been for our undisclosed helpers. I’m talking about the ETs who have purportedly been working behind the scenes to ease Mother Earth’s labor pains through their efforts to alleviate geological disruptions. From what I’ve heard and read from those who channel (such as Suzy Ward and the Matthew Messages), there is enough light on our planet, thanks to genuine lightworkers, that Earth has not had to suffer as much to get to where she is going (a higher density) and her success is assured.

I used to think that everybody had to be “awake” in order to experience the upcoming shift. I used to worry about those people—and particularly family members and ones closest to me—who did not believe that something is going to happen. Would they be excluded from experiencing Earth’s Golden Age? No. We are all in this together. However, some may experience it from another level (the non-physical level known as Nirvana, or the spirit world).

Some call it the shift, the transformation, the ascension ... it has been focused upon to the point where we begin to doubt ourselves and we wonder if it is all just a myth. Like you, I really have no idea what to expect. But I do have faith that there are better days and better years ahead.

In my last writing I spoke out rather strongly about my political views and received some knee-jerk reactions—some of whom decided to cut off their subscriptions, which to me only means they have no tolerance for differences of opinion. The Star Beacon is a metaphysical publication and honors the opinions of all sides. I felt the need to express my views, but if you do not agree with them, it doesn’t mean I think less of you. There are issues on both sides that I adhere to—liberal and conservative.
Just because the candidate I wanted to win didn’t make it in the November presidential election, I’m not about to give up now. I can’t deny I’m not happy about the outcome.

I have enough common sense, in light of the ascension, that when the 21st day of December comes and I wake up the next morning to the same-old, same-old ... I’m not going to feel fear, regret and worry that all was for nought. No, I am going to keep on carrying my light.

Even though my perception of the Golden Age may not be waiting for me as I open my eyes to a new dawn, I intend to fight on for my values. As a lightworker I committed my life to making this a better world. Even though there are those in power who would try to stop me, they are not in control of my life—I am!

It is easy to get caught up in the drama of politics, elections, cover-ups and all the outright deception. Politicians in our world have conspired to gain sovereignty over us, therefore resulting in a power struggle. It is hard to find balance when there is so much injustice in our world. Lies and deceit have fooled the majority, but not me.

The power belongs to the people, not the politicians. We can make a conscious decision not to give up our power and freedom to them. From now on, I will continue to live my life in the way I believe is truly righteous—with liberty and justice for all—in pursuit of happiness and by the Law of One: Love others as you love yourself. Love yourself as you love God.

We who are living in the physical here on Earth really are not seeing the total picture. Those like my late husband have a ring-side seat when we reach the end of the Mayan calendar. As for the rest of us, we contracted to be here at this time.

Spirit obviously planted me here in Pagosa Springs for a reason. I live in a safe area near other like-minded souls, along with a cherished and loving partner who—even though he is “awake” and open-minded—may not always understand what the heck I’m talking about, but he’s there for me. (Thank you, Doug.) You, too, are in the right place at the right time.

For those of you who are concerned, I will not turn
TSB into a political arena. As we pass that momentous date in history (12/21/12) I will continue to focus upon the topics you want to see, and certainly if you have opinions and views, they are welcome in the “Reader’s Forum.” No one should hold back from expressing their beliefs for fear that others will trounce on them.

Remember, things are not always what they seem. Live your life expecting good things to happen. You are here for a reason. Do not give up.

Be kind and express gratitude for all your blessings, because even in the darkest of times there is something good to look forward to and so much to be thankful for.

In conclusion, remember ... we the people own this country!

Blessings to you all in the New Year.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Meaning of It All
from the October 2012 Star Beacon

Freedom is our birthright

According to Universal Law, we have been given Free Will. God lets us act according to our own whims, whether it’s in our best interest or not. Consequently, Free Will has a corollary: Non-interference by angelics and those beings who take it upon themselves to watch over us. It is known in some circles as the Prime Directive.

Because of the way the Universe works, God does not take sides. We are the ones who judge what is good and what is bad, based upon our perceptions, our experiences and what we are told by others. When we are in spirit (between lives), we recognize this. But living on a planet where duality thrives, we believe certain things without seeing the total picture.

Why am I talking about this now? Because it pains me to see what is happening to our world in this year 2012. Our government and our leaders have become so corrupted that even the lightworkers are confused. Four years ago, when we had a presidential election, I was a diehard liberal. I had been one for decades, actually. I didn’t like senseless wars or unfair treatment of people in general.

But even in 2008, I had a feeling of dread about Barack Obama that I could not explain. I wanted Dennis Kucinich to be our Democratic nominee, but he was shot down in the first debate with the “UFO question,” which—bless his heart—he answered honestly, to his own demise.

In the course of Obama’s first term in office, I realized I’d made a mistake voting for him. I did it because I didn’t want another Republican and—let’s face it—George Bush made it easy for him. The longer Obama has been our country’s leader, the worse it has gotten for all of us, and the more obvious it has become that his purpose all along has been to bring this great country to its knees so that he can replace democracy with socialism.

If you visit this Web site: www.theobamafile/_opinion/Cloward-Piven.html, you can read about the Cloward-Piven Strategy for taking down the United States of America. When people say that Obama is “out of touch,” I disagree. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he is succeeding.

Some of us see through this flim-flam and cannot believe that so many Americans are fooled by him. I do not believe—and I have never believed—that this man, who wants to blame everyone and everything for his failures, is enlightened and the “messiah” who is going to save the world, like some lightworkers say. Are you kidding me? If there are ascended masters trying to proclaim this, then I would be extremely wary about believing anything coming forth from channeled sources. (Remember the Prime Directive!)

In cases like this, it is imperative to rely on your “Truth barometer” (your inner guidance). When something doesn’t ring true, you will get that feeling in your heart that says, “Hold off… something isn’t right here!” In my point of view, we are going down the wrong path and the sheeple are being led to slaughter.

In Revelations (the Bible) it talks about the “Years of the Beast” and how the antichrist comes into power and manages to fool most of the population. Is this what we are seeing now?

We would all like to have divine intervention to resolve the problems in our world. How nice it would be to have our space brethren arrive in ships and clean up the mess we’ve made of our planet. But this is not going to happen anytime soon. This is not what Ascension is all about. The Shift is happening within each of us, but it is not going to happen overnight, nor on Dec. 21, 2012. Like everything else, it is going to take time… and effort on our part.

I have been on both sides of the coin. But now I am an independent thinker. I subscribe to more conservative values because I believe in the vision of our founding fathers. Our US Constitution is non-negotiable. We answer to a higher authority—Universal Law—God’s authority.

So how can anyone consider the candidate whose party removed “God” from its platform? At the DNC in September, when the vote was taken to reinstate “God” into the document, half the people shouted “No!” This was on live television.

Many of my lightworker friends have told me they simply do not watch the news. They purposely avoid TV. I was once like that. Yes, I agree the majority of the news is slanted, the liberal media is controlled. And no, it’s not enjoyable to deal with the negativity, backbiting and lies that get tossed back and forth between the candidates. Who likes political ads, anyway? Probably only the ad agencies that make a killing off them.

But awareness includes our 3D lives as well as everything else we embrace to help promote a better world. How can you make a fair assessment and cast your vote for the highest good unless you have all the facts? Don’t rely on anyone else—and that includes me—to make up your mind for you. If you care about the Universe and Planet Earth, then get your head out of the sand and start paying attention. Look at both sides, not just the station that caters to the ideology you thought was yours. It isn’t until you can see the total picture that you can make an informed decision.

In a few short weeks my American brothers and sisters and I will have an opportunity to choose between doom (think super inflation, more escalating debt, sinking housing prices and even fewer jobs) and promising hope (recovery of the economy through common-sense approaches with leaders who are experienced and proven).

My current lifetime on this planet is winding down. But I am concerned for my children and grandchildren. What kind of future do they face when we have become a third world country and everyone is a slave to the government because of the obscene debt? Bail-outs, food stamps and demoralizing entitlements (the ones that are not earned) are not the answer. There will always be those who need help, but I have faith that our society will reach out to those in need. Good-hearted people have always risen to the occasion when there is need. Putting the weight on the government and overtaxing its people into austerity will not work. Period.

If the incumbent, who in my opinion is not what he seems to his mesmerized fans…is re-elected, we risk the destruction of our world as we know it. If you choose the one who wants to bring ruin to our nation through socialism, then don’t complain in the months ahead when your rights are taken away—you deserve what you will get.

If you are a Barack Obama fan, I suggest you check out Dr. Jack Wheeler’s ToThePoint opinion piece, “The Empty Suit,” published in June 2008. Dr. Wheeler is a NewsMax Pundit whose articles have appeared in WorldNetDaily. After reading his “Obama Facts,” I went to Snopes.com for verification. The verdict: TRUE. Check it out for yourself at www.tothepointnews.com/content/view/3227/44/.

Some people I know are disgusted with the whole political scene and they say they will not vote in this election. By not casting a vote, you cannot be part of the solution; you therefore become part of the problem. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the rest of the world to make an informed, balanced, compassionate decision when you cast your vote in November.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The August 2012 (28 pages) Star Beacon features...

SOLAR FLARE SYMPTOMS by Heather Carlini,C.M.Ht.

TREK TO THE UFO MOUNTAIN (in Peru) with Juan Miranda


An introduction to JACK'S CORNER by Suzanne Ward, about a unique Web site by animal communicator Jean Rockfeller

The return of RADIO WAVES by Ray Larsen ("Smart Meters")


And our usual columns...

READER'S FORUM with letters and opinions from Willy Whitefeather, Irene Dickson, Alana Lakota Star, Lynnzie Sutton, Hartmut Jager,Cary Dickey, Al Fry, Robert White Owl and Michael Guest.

UPDATE FROM KT OF ALPHA CENTAURI about a solar event happening in December 2012.

THE GOLDEN AGE by Linda Maupin (encouraging pep talk for light workers)

THE MEANING OF IT ALL by Ann Ulrich Miller ("The beat of the other drum")

CONVERSATIONS WITH SPIRIT AND JOHN CALI by John Cali ("Materializing, Dematerializing and Other Illusions")

DISC-USSION edited by Ann Ulrich Miller (with a special photo spread of "Orbs" plus Newt Gingrich's warning on our vulnerable power grid, plus mention of the "God particle" discovered by some Swiss physicists, and also the editor's summer trip to the Pacific Northwest.

COSMIC BOOK REVIEWS with two books featured...
hymnandme, the new novel by Barbara Buck ("Not your grandmother's Jesus...)
The Journey of a Skeptic by Dan Gnos

THE GENTLE WAY by Tom To Moore
Q & A with Tom's guides, with topics from Gaia on the "2012 Hurricane Season," "Future of the IRS" and "Changes in the Political Systems," as well as "December 21, 2012."

SCI FI CLASSICS with chapter 4 of HG Wells' "The Time Machine"


COMMANDER'S STAR BASE: ASK AN ET by Commander Sanni Ceto
Q & A about space from an ET Zeti Reticulan hybrid living on Earth

COSMIC HUMOR featuring "Sky," an unusual American bulldog

 You can read some of these articles that are made live on Earth Star's Web site at WHAT'S NEW...

Here is my column, "The Meaning of It All"...


by Ann Ulrich Miller

Not long ago a disappointment in my life caused me to wake up the next morning, wondering how I was going to handle the situation.

For the most part, my life is really good. In the past I’ve had my ups and downs, challenges, recoveries, and certainly more blessings than I think I deserve. I am thankful for all of it because it has shaped me into the spiritual being I am today.

So, when it looked as though some friends I have come to love and enjoy being with suddenly appeared to shun me, it stung. Was this really happening to me, or was it just my imagination? After all, for the past year I felt as though I had been the one slowly pulling away... marching to the beat of a different drummer, but still very much a part of their group and their beliefs.

The blow took me by surprise. Suddenly I realized that the path I am on is my choosing. I am not yet sure where this path will lead, but as we move into different phases in life, circumstances change. As I move into “retirement,” work and schedules don’t matter as much as before.

My children are adults now with families of their own and many challenges in these hard economic times. I can understand why they don’t want to be bothered with Mom.

I awoke with all this heavy on my mind. How was I going to handle this day before me and all of the days ahead? Was I going to lash out and complain to whomever would listen, hoping to garner sympathy over the situation? Or was I going to mope around and let it fester for days and weeks?

Then what popped into my mind were the Four Agreements. Don Miguel Ruiz wrote a book years ago called The Four Agreements and those four agreements are words I try to live by.

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Do not take anything personally.
3. Do not make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

Like a dark cloud lifting, recalling those four agreements brought immediate relief and put everything back into perspective.

Being impeccable with your word means not saying anything that will cause hurt to anyone (especially yourself) such as gossip or falsehoods. It means always speaking your truth and not holding back because it might not be “politically correct.”

Not taking things personally is a hard one for me to overcome. I’ve decided not to take this situation personally. Just because it has bruised my ego a bit doesn’t necessarily mean anyone was intentionally out to get me. Others are usually too concerned about their own problems than to cause problems in other people... especially light workers.

I must not make assumptions either. I’ve “assumed” things in the past and have often been mistaken, which led to greater consternation. Just because something seems to be a certain way... it ain’t necessarily so.

By always doing our best
, in any given situation, we know that we act on our highest values and for the highest good. And by concentrating on positive thoughts rather than dwelling on dark ones, we move forward instead of backward and progress toward a higher level of being.

Isn’t this what the Shift is all about?

Everyone is talking about 2012 and the transformation that is taking place. Does “getting prepared” mean you have to sign up for a class? Are you going to miss the boat if you don’t?

The best answer I’ve heard to the question, “What does the ascension mean to you?” came from a woman I met in Bandon, Oregon, when I was a guest at a light worker meeting. The hostess of the meeting had asked me to explain ascension in front of the small gathering. I didn’t know how to answer the question. Perhaps she thought that because I’ve put out a metaphysical newsletter for 25 years and directed conferences and written books, I’d be an “authority” on the subject.

It was Barbara from Coquille, who softly replied that she simply didn’t worry about the “ascension.” She was just grateful to have each day and to live each day in joy. Several years ago she had almost died from cancer but had completely recovered. Her ascension was assured.

I believe we are all “on course” toward our own ascension, and we each have our own path, although it may not be the same path as everybody else. If you have to worry about preparing yourself and getting on the good side of the Space Brothers by performing certain rituals or tasks in order to ascend, then maybe it’s time to have a serious talk with your higher self. The answers are already there... within.

And I have not forgotten the words of another light worker, a visitor to our group who spoke at our last meeting. The subject of dark forces had come up and he mentioned that serenity is the one thing they cannot get past. Fear feeds on fear, anger and revenge. The dark forces are empowered by the negative emotions they evoke in us. But when we remain serene, we rise above it all and cannot be touched.

That explained a lot. I knew then why I react so calmly in a world that is going mad. Earth changes are in effect, causing hardship and shortage of food. The economy is crumbling, our rights are being stripped from us, our security has been weakened, and we have a self-appointed “king” dictating his own agenda while those who should step forth and strike him down don’t!

Even though I don’t understand why the government is out of control, why our elected leaders are not doing things to help us get out of the mess we’re in... I can’t help feeling that sense of peace and serenity. Where did that come from? A gift from within, perhaps... a secret knowing that soon everything will be right.

But before things can be right, we need to act on them. I believe in our US Constitution and the intention that our forefathers put into it. As far as I’m concerned this contract is non-negotiable. Anyone who tries to dismantle our Constitution is treasonous, and I will do my part to fight to uphold it.

My answer to all of this is to become a spiritual warrior. Be Love and Light. Or better yet... speak out about what you believe and bring awareness to the countless others who appear to be oblivious to what is going on. It is all up to each one of us. Nobody is coming to rescue us. We each need to do our part to bring about the Golden Age.

Be your loving self and project your light to a troubled world. When your heart has been opened and you feel gratitude, compassion and serenity, it will spill out and go viral. Remember the four agreements and apply them to your life. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Star Beacon summer issue features the following articles...

The June issue features The Bosnian Pyramids, an article by Tom T. Moore.

Also, Alpha Centaurian KT returns to answer questions about space travel.

The Reader's Forum includes "Extraordinary Knowing" by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, "The Chosen One" by Al Fry, a letter from Alana Lakota Star, who "Misses Sanni's Column," a letter from Ambassador Julieanux ("Called Home") with commentary from Bella Martin on "Continue the crossword" and "So much to learn" from Charlene Finkner.

Upcoming conferences include "Wake Up Now! Conference" Aug. 10-12 in Albuquerque, N.M., and the "Transformation 2012: A Celebration of Light" conference Aug. 16-18 in Pagosa Springs, Colo. You can read all about the Transformation conference (cost is just $295) on Earth Star's Web site.

Three excellent books are in this month's Cosmic Book Reviews. A mother's heartbreaking journey to peace is told in Hummingbirds Don't Fly in the Rain by Kimberly Klein and Dr. Evelyn Fuqua's new book, Cosmic Relationships: Exploring the Soul's Journey from Off-Earth, Earth Lives, and Reincarnation, both reviewed by Ann Ulrich Miller. In addition, Chrystle Clae reviews Ann Miller's new novel, Sonata Summer.

The Golden Age is a new column by Linda Maupin. This month Chandara comes through with information on "The Quickening."

Sci-Fi Classics continues with Chapter 3 of The Time Machine by HG Wells.

Shaman Irina Corten and her granddaughter Maia Corten's fiction story, "The Tent of Dreams," tells of neighborhood children who decide to go on an adventure to another planet through journeying.

T Stokes, consultant palmist from the UK, discusses "Synchronicity Today."

Ann Ulrich Miller's DISC-ussion column includes "A bird, a plane, or a UFO?"; "Urgent Call from Dr. Greer for new witnesses, whistleblowers and evidence," and "Arizona Orbs." You can read it on line.
John Cali has Conversations with Spirit again this month with "What's your story?" Read it on line.

In "The Meaning of It All," Ann Ulrich Miller tells about "The Magic of Music" in relation to the release of her new "musical" romantic suspense novel, Sonata Summer. Read it on line.

The Star Beacon's Ufological Crossword appears again... and intends to have a new original UFO crossword each issue! (Answers in next issue.)

Read Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET by Commander Sanni Ceto, who returns to answer readers' questions about ETs and space. Read it on line.

And, of course, you can read The Star Beacon in its entirety in PDF. To order the current issue, send $2.00 using PayPal to starbeacon@gmail.com. Or, if you prefer a print version, send $4.50 to Earth Star Publications, 216 Sundown Circle, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.


Doug and I have been vacationing in the Pacific Northwest during the month of June. We spent some time in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington (mostly Port Angeles) and are now in Bandon, Oregon, ready to head back south to our Colorado mountains. We have been checking out areas where we might want to relocate. So far no decisions have been made. We will be home around the 4th of July.

Our thoughts and prayers are directed to the horrific wildfires in our home state, and also deep concern for our nation after today's upsetting announcement that the Supreme Court upheld the Obama health care plan, which we feel will only serve to crumble our great society to ruins. We ask for the Most Benevolent Outcome and the Highest Good in the direction our world is heading in these most exciting times. I am grateful for each and every day.

Please be sure to visit Earth Star's Web site. The book sale is still ongoing, and you may want to check out my latest romantic suspense novel, released this month... SONATA SUMMER (set in Aspen, Colorado). The eBook is available from Amazon Kindle for just $5.00.

To see my other books, check out my author web site at www.annulrichmiller.com. And feel free to drop me an email. As I mentioned, I'm on vacation and may not have access to Internet until we get home... but I'll be checking whenever I can. Enjoy your July 4th holiday.

Love and Light,

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Star Beacon's 25th anniversary issue reviews past issues since April 1987 and includes the following articles:

Radio Waves: Radiation vs. Radioactive Materials (by Ray Larsen)

The Meaning of It All: Dishing out 25 years of spiritual nourishment (by Ann Ulrich Miller)

News Tidbits

Astral explorer traverses space and time, an interview with "Anna"

The Gentle Way, Q & A (by Tom T. Moore)

Seattle food forest not a fairytale

Conversations with Spirit and John Cali, "Having fun can save your life"

DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich Miller)

Ufological Crossword

Cosmic Book Review: Evolution Through Contact by Don Daniels

The missing inventor Ashton Mochel (by Valerie Benson)

Sci-Fi Classics: Part 2 of "The Time Machine" by HG Wells

Plus the return of the Meeb-Beep cartoon by Cmdr Sanni Ceto

* * * * * *

Some of the above articles are available to read for free on line. Just click on the links. If you'd like to receive the full 24-page anniversary issue just order the PDF version for $2 using PayPal on the Home Page. Or if you'd like the print version, send $4.00 to Earth Star, 216 Sundown Circle, Pagosa Springs CO 81147.

Subscriptions are $27/year (US), $30 Canada, $36 overseas, and just $12 worldwide for the full-color PDF version. Don't miss out on the second 25 years! Subscribe here.

Also, back issues are available for every issue (all 299 of them!) for just $2.00 apiece. Contact us for more information or visit The Star Beacon's Subject Index for a list of the articles organized by year.

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Spring is Here! It's Springtime in the Rockies and Pagosa Springs is bursting with
sunshine, blue skies and new life. The first hummingbird arrived at my feeder just
yesterday. Pagosa Springs is also a mecca for light workers... and they are flowing
into this beautiful, small, light-centered community... a safe haven for what could lie
ahead. Have you thought about leaving the big city for a slower paced life among
like-minded souls?

Well, if you're considering Pagosa Springs... consider attending the Transformation 2012 Conference in mid August, sponsored by the Institute of Light. Mark Kimmel has a great lineup of speakers and workshops at a reasonable cost ($295 for the full 3 days). More information is available at www.cosmicparadigm.com.

And while you're musing about Pagosa Springs... consider visiting this Web site to check out Doug's and my homes which are for sale, at http://sundownproperty.tripod.com.

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A Sneak Peek!

SONATA SUMMER, my romantic suspense novel set in Aspen, Colorado, is coming out in June ($11.95 through Earth Star). But already the ebook is available on Amazon Kindle for just $5.00. Check it out!

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Ad deadline for the June issue is May 15th. This is also the deadline for including conferences and other news. Send them to starbeacon@gmail.com.

Since Doug and I will be away for the month of June, communication may be limited, but I will have the laptop along and try to handle business the best way I can.

Until next time... Namasté!