Star Beacon publisher Annie Miller

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March, the Magical Month

Transformation of Winter into Spring is always a joy. March is the month I live for in January and February because finally there are enough daylight hours to perk me up after the seasonal doldrums, and the birds begin to reappear on the scene.

The love of my life is lucky to have his birthday in March. What a great time to be born, when renewal abounds and the promise of new life is imminent. I'm as excited as he is in anticipating the day... gathering gifts for him, planning the celebration and looking forward to his favorite devil's food cake with lactose-free vanilla ice cream.

Last year the first robin appeared on the scene in our neighborhood on March 10. This year Turdis americanis has not shown up yet and it's the 13th of March. We have a bet going as to who will see the first red-breasted arrival. Maybe it will be today.

Businesses begin to see more activity when March hits. Plans for the future are ripe and people can't wait to start new projects or get outside because the weather is warmer. We have been enjoying our regular walks around Lake Pagosa and have noticed more people out walking in the beautiful sunshine of our little paradise of a town.

This Spring is a turning point. Change is in the air and 2011 has already presented us with many challenges and events, including the very recent big earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Yet I look upon these events as another move forward in our ascension. I feel compassion for the people who are suffering and faced with the dangers of nuclear meltdowns, and yet there is also an anticipatory excitement because AT LAST there is a
quickening on the planet and perhaps a better world ahead.

In the latest Message from Matthew (March 12, 2011) through Suzy Ward, he states that the earthquake off the coast of Japan "was not Mother Nature's doing." He says, "The peak members of the Illumninati know that their economic empire is shattered, and before the last shreds of their once impenetrable global network are completely gone, they are trying to generate a mass of negativity through creating chaos, destruction and high death toll wherever they can." (www.matthewbooks.com)

Will we see more of this devastation? I think this is only the beginning. We have no idea what is ahead, but by being prepared and coming together as a community we can lessen the impact. That's why a number of us here in Pagosa Springs formed the "11th Hour" meetings in which we talk about preparations and help each other by providing information on ways to keep safe, ways to communicate and help each other in the times ahead that could be challenging, when we suddenly find ourselves in helpless situations.

When I moved to this area of Colorado from the East, my guides seemed to indicate that I had a purpose here and that it is a safe area. That has come to pass. I started the Southwest Light and Learning Center, a nonprofit 501(c)3 institute for higher awareness, in the fall of 2009. It is growing and bringing people to higher consciousness through our monthly alternative movies and our increasing number of classes and seminars on a
variety of subjects.

And I believe the Four Corners still is a very safe area!

However, Spirit has nudged me again. The feeling is very strong that I need to possibly relocate again, and my partner has the very same urge. In fact, one of the purposes we both arrived in Pagosa Springs within six months of each other, I feel, was to meet and be together... for whatever reason Spirit has in mind. On the first day of Spring, the "for sale" sign is going up in my yard. Our nudge is pointing us in the direction of the Pacific Northwest, but we will know for sure where we need to relocate after we've made the month-long journey to check it out.

Why not stay in this beautiful paradise? My friends are baffled as you can imagine. I was "led" here, after all... but it's something I cannot explain. It's something magical. I feel excited and ready for whatever is ahead, and I am most grateful for everything in my life right now and how events are unfolding.

More magic lies ahead.
We are only halfway through March, after all. Things may get a little rough in the days ahead, but by keeping Love in our hearts and living from the guidance within, I believe we can cruise right through it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Keeping your vibration high in times of turmoil

It's all about keeping your vibration high. In 2010 we heard that 2011 was going to be a year filled with mind-blowing events. Well, so far that has been true. World events have escalated into civil wars erupting in the Middle East, an assassination attempt on one of our congresswomen in Tucson, and unions challenging state governments (beginning with my hometown of Madison, Wis.).

Even with all this "bad news" going on, I have managed to maintain my personal level of well being. Even with the drama, my higher self knows there is a divine plan in motion and that everything happens for a reason -- often one we can't see at the time events are unfolding.

Keeping our vibration high is a good way for us to rise above all these challenges and influences that would dim our light and plunge us to the level of fear, depression and despair. How can we do this? How do we keep from falling into victimhood or drowning in the well of self-pity?

It's quite simple really: Take the judgment off of it. In Suzanne Ward's book, Voices of the Universe, a young man named Richard, who knew he was going to be killed soon (he got the message from his spirit guides), made this statement:

"All judgment of others is self-judgment. All forgiveness of others is self-forgiveness."

When we can remove the judgment from every person and every situation, we are lifting that heaviness from ourselves... it raises our vibration. It raises it to such a level that nothing seems to bother us any more. We can look at all the dramas being played out and acknowledge them, but not be affected in the same way as before.

I'm not saying we're immune. Since we are all connected in consciousness, we can't help but be affected by everything going on. However, by keeping our vibration high, it's like water off a duck's back. We can acknowledge it, then let it go.

When I have "those days" when insecurity grips me or I'm in a bad mood (I am still human, after all), I take measures to raise my vibration using some tools I've gathered through the years. These tools include calming my mind by listening to high vibrational music, doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping), deep breathing, and especially talking to God and calling on my guides, knowing I am never alone and that they are available to me 24/7.

Mostly, if you can express GRATITUDE for being alive on the planet at this phenomenal time in universal history, and you can know that we are going through a major shift in consciousness and world transformation, you can easily rise above all of the yuck that surrounds us in everyday life.

I am so glad I'm here. And I'm doing all I can to keep my vibration high. I invite you to join me and simply take the judgment off the situation at hand. Do whatever it takes to find joy in your life and live from your heart.

(Excerpted from "The Meaning of It All" in the March 2011 issue of The Star Beacon)