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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Star Beacon gives preparations for 2012

Yes, I know... I'm late getting the update out this month. Doug and I just returned from a second trip to the Pacific Northwest, to have another look at the Olympic Peninsula as a possible place to move. The decision is up in the air.

This months' Star Beacon feature is "2012 is two months away -- are you prepared?" Tips from the University of Metaphysical Sciences on things you can do to prepare, particularly during the transition stage when life might be a bit challenging.

Something new is the Reader's Forum... writings from readers of The Star Beacon commenting on all sorts of topics. This month Bob Huth talks about the "Reality of The Presence" and Sara Hockenbery writes about "The real Christmas." Rick Case shares his "Druid Vision." You are invited to contribute letters and share your thoughts. Send them via e-mail to starbeacon@gmail.com.

Carol Elek's "Teotwawki Living" (survival) column focuses on "Waiting for the other shoe to drop" this month, and we have Hannah Beaconsfield back with The Pleiadian Light, channeling Oceanna, a Pleiadian priestess, on "Living on the Edge of Overwhelm." I know many of you can relate... I can!

"Radio Waves" by Ray Larsen is all about "Two-way radios and UFO communication." John Cali writes about "A Death in the Family" in his column "Conversations with Spirit and John Cali." (Available to read free on line.)

In DISC-ussion this month I talk about "Planet orbits two suns" and report on Victoria Liljenquist's presentation on the "Light ships filmed over Pagosa Springs, Colorado" in June of this year. (Available to read free on line.)

"Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET" is full of Q & A's about space. This month Sanni discusses Hollow Earth, human hybrids, ET and human DNA, and lightning. (Available to read free on line.)

In the October issue we started a NEW COLUMN from Tom T. Moore, "The Gentle Way," with selections from his weekly newsletter with the same name. Tom channels Theo and Gaia (Mother Earth) and answers readers' questions on various topics. This month we've included "Elenin, S4 Linear, Brown Dwarf" and "Massive UFO Sightings" (from Carmichael, Calif.).

Finally, in "The Meaning of It All" the subject is "The Shifting has begun." (Available to read free on line.)

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Congratulations to the winners of the Survey Drawing. Carol Gorman in San Luis Obispo, Calif. and Sally Finch from Colorado Springs have prizes coming their way. Many thanks to all who filled out the Star Beacon Reader Survey in September and October.

Coming up...

In the November issue I will announce a big change coming with regard to the newsletter. Also in November... my new young adult mystery novel will be out... THE LEGEND OF THE LANTERN, Number Four in the '60s era Annette Vetter Adventure Series. Time travel with me back to the Sixties for this thrilling story about the Man with the Lantern, an attic ghost and poachers in rural Wisconsin. For more information, check out http://anncarolulrich.tripod.com/Lantern.html

Until next month...