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Monday, January 2, 2012

Star Beacon expands in 2012 -- But here's December's update

The December 2011 Star Beacon features "Spirituality in a Visual Culture" by Vipin Mehta.

Our Reader's Forum includes offerings from Willy Whitefeather and Doug Davis. You can read their letters ON LINE.

T. Stokes tells a true ghost story from England in "The Christmas Ghost of Eton Manor."

Owen Waters describes the 12 distinct stages in the evolution of human consciousness in "The Spiritual Age."

Tom T. Moore is back with his new column, "The Gentle Way," a Q & A with news on chemtrails and advice on 401K's and the sun's activity.

In DISC-ussion Ann Ulrich Miller talks about a submerged UFO encountered by the USS Kirk Naval ship, and how the White House says there has been no alien vists or UFO coverups... oh yeah? Read it ON LINE.

"The Medicine Cabinet in Your Kitchen" gives the top 10 common healing herbs and spices, by Tony Isaacs.

In Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET, Sanni answers questions from readers about past lives, humans and Grays, and ascension. Read her column ON LINE.

Jelaila Starr offers "Signs of the New Reality" and tells how we are healing, along with our families, and Planet Earth.

Krsanna gives an explanation on the unusual earthquakes that occurred in the U.S. in August 2011 in her article, "Renegades, Elenin, Sun and Starships."

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