Star Beacon publisher Annie Miller

Friday, April 8, 2011

April, a time to brace for changes ahead

So far this spring has been the challenge many have predicted. There are so many events cropping up all over the world. It is easy to buy into the fear and drama, but it is important that we simply acknowledge these things and keep ourselves in a place of compassionate observation. The world does not need more emotional fuel to exacerbate the flames of turmoil.

This month's Star Beacon features an excerpt from Doug Copp's excellent article on "The Triangle of Life." Where do you go during an earthquake? talks about what you should do in the event of a major earthquake such as the one Japan experienced on March 11. Standing in a doorway or hiding under a table are examples of what NOT to do. You can read about his tips for earthquake safety on The Star Beacon's Web site.

A reader from Japan (Michael Perrine) gives his perspective on the disaster in the Letters section, and I include an article by Ken Page and Nancy Nester from Heart and Soul Healing, on "Fear and Changing Times." Dealing with your own fear and changes is hard enough, but what about family members and friends who don't share your views of all of this? Their article stresses love -- unconditional love of self and unconditional compassion for others.

Protective Self-Healing is the title of Owen Waters' article that says we have the power to protect ourselves from radiation hazards, as well as all types of epidemics. He discusses an important self-healing technique by author Tom Kenyon, which charges water and gives you a protective effect from drinking this water which can aid in alleviating environmental poisoning. Powerful!

Chief Joseph talks about Connection in the April Star Beacon. The fact is we are all connected, and we simply need to transcend the idea (the illusion, really) that we are separate and alone. I dealt with this very experience just this morning. My partner and I seldom go anywhere without the other. Our houses are across the road from each other and we are very connected.

He needed to go to Durango today to shop for eyeglass frames, and since I had no need to go along... and, in fact, decided I'd be bored stiff waiting while he went from shop to shop hunting for just the right frames... I decided to stay home. Well, as soon as I saw that his truck was gone from his driveway, I had a sudden panic attack of "separation anxiety"! Even though it had been MY idea to not go along, I suddenly felt abandoned.

I'm not sure what brought this on, but I knew I had to deal with my fear and convince myself that just because we're having a day apart does NOT mean we are disconnected. Far from it! I immediately said a prayer to keep him safe on his journey and to surround him with my love and light. Our connection is solid and I am grateful for this experience... this test, actually, to prove that I can walk the talk.

Carol Elek sees the Japanese earthquake and tsunami as a wake-up call in her column, "Teotwawki Living." Her emphasis is to get readers to prepare for hard times ahead. There may be a period of time in which we must endure until "the shift," when the golden age begins. Being prepared can make this transitional time much easier on us and those around us.

You'll find other articles in the April issue that deal with change.

Polly Cady writes about printing and what it means in her "Alphabet According to Polly" series. Change your handwriting... change your life! Polly is giving a seminar here in Pagosa Springs on handwriting therapy Saturday, May 21 through Southwest Light and Learning Center.

In The Meaning of It All, I include an excerpt this month from my autobiography, Throughout All Time, "A Significant Spring Memory," going back to 1999. It was a time just before changes would occur in my life that would have a significant impact.

And in my DISC-ussion column, I talk about the Japan UFO that was filmed near a volcano after the tsunami, and elaborate a bit on the Jerusalem Dome of the Rock UFO from Jan. 28.

You can read The Star Beacon in its entirety when you order the PDF issue for just $1.00, or just view the sample articles on the Web site at What's New.

April is a transitional month, for sure. We've had summer-like weather, followed a couple of days later by a snowstorm, wind and sleet. You never know what kind of weather to expect in the Rocky Mountains. But one thing you can count on is CHANGE. And how you embrace it is what matters.