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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The August 2012 (28 pages) Star Beacon features...

SOLAR FLARE SYMPTOMS by Heather Carlini,C.M.Ht.

TREK TO THE UFO MOUNTAIN (in Peru) with Juan Miranda


An introduction to JACK'S CORNER by Suzanne Ward, about a unique Web site by animal communicator Jean Rockfeller

The return of RADIO WAVES by Ray Larsen ("Smart Meters")


And our usual columns...

READER'S FORUM with letters and opinions from Willy Whitefeather, Irene Dickson, Alana Lakota Star, Lynnzie Sutton, Hartmut Jager,Cary Dickey, Al Fry, Robert White Owl and Michael Guest.

UPDATE FROM KT OF ALPHA CENTAURI about a solar event happening in December 2012.

THE GOLDEN AGE by Linda Maupin (encouraging pep talk for light workers)

THE MEANING OF IT ALL by Ann Ulrich Miller ("The beat of the other drum")

CONVERSATIONS WITH SPIRIT AND JOHN CALI by John Cali ("Materializing, Dematerializing and Other Illusions")

DISC-USSION edited by Ann Ulrich Miller (with a special photo spread of "Orbs" plus Newt Gingrich's warning on our vulnerable power grid, plus mention of the "God particle" discovered by some Swiss physicists, and also the editor's summer trip to the Pacific Northwest.

COSMIC BOOK REVIEWS with two books featured...
hymnandme, the new novel by Barbara Buck ("Not your grandmother's Jesus...)
The Journey of a Skeptic by Dan Gnos

THE GENTLE WAY by Tom To Moore
Q & A with Tom's guides, with topics from Gaia on the "2012 Hurricane Season," "Future of the IRS" and "Changes in the Political Systems," as well as "December 21, 2012."

SCI FI CLASSICS with chapter 4 of HG Wells' "The Time Machine"


COMMANDER'S STAR BASE: ASK AN ET by Commander Sanni Ceto
Q & A about space from an ET Zeti Reticulan hybrid living on Earth

COSMIC HUMOR featuring "Sky," an unusual American bulldog

 You can read some of these articles that are made live on Earth Star's Web site at WHAT'S NEW...

Here is my column, "The Meaning of It All"...


by Ann Ulrich Miller

Not long ago a disappointment in my life caused me to wake up the next morning, wondering how I was going to handle the situation.

For the most part, my life is really good. In the past I’ve had my ups and downs, challenges, recoveries, and certainly more blessings than I think I deserve. I am thankful for all of it because it has shaped me into the spiritual being I am today.

So, when it looked as though some friends I have come to love and enjoy being with suddenly appeared to shun me, it stung. Was this really happening to me, or was it just my imagination? After all, for the past year I felt as though I had been the one slowly pulling away... marching to the beat of a different drummer, but still very much a part of their group and their beliefs.

The blow took me by surprise. Suddenly I realized that the path I am on is my choosing. I am not yet sure where this path will lead, but as we move into different phases in life, circumstances change. As I move into “retirement,” work and schedules don’t matter as much as before.

My children are adults now with families of their own and many challenges in these hard economic times. I can understand why they don’t want to be bothered with Mom.

I awoke with all this heavy on my mind. How was I going to handle this day before me and all of the days ahead? Was I going to lash out and complain to whomever would listen, hoping to garner sympathy over the situation? Or was I going to mope around and let it fester for days and weeks?

Then what popped into my mind were the Four Agreements. Don Miguel Ruiz wrote a book years ago called The Four Agreements and those four agreements are words I try to live by.

1. Be impeccable with your word.
2. Do not take anything personally.
3. Do not make assumptions.
4. Always do your best.

Like a dark cloud lifting, recalling those four agreements brought immediate relief and put everything back into perspective.

Being impeccable with your word means not saying anything that will cause hurt to anyone (especially yourself) such as gossip or falsehoods. It means always speaking your truth and not holding back because it might not be “politically correct.”

Not taking things personally is a hard one for me to overcome. I’ve decided not to take this situation personally. Just because it has bruised my ego a bit doesn’t necessarily mean anyone was intentionally out to get me. Others are usually too concerned about their own problems than to cause problems in other people... especially light workers.

I must not make assumptions either. I’ve “assumed” things in the past and have often been mistaken, which led to greater consternation. Just because something seems to be a certain way... it ain’t necessarily so.

By always doing our best
, in any given situation, we know that we act on our highest values and for the highest good. And by concentrating on positive thoughts rather than dwelling on dark ones, we move forward instead of backward and progress toward a higher level of being.

Isn’t this what the Shift is all about?

Everyone is talking about 2012 and the transformation that is taking place. Does “getting prepared” mean you have to sign up for a class? Are you going to miss the boat if you don’t?

The best answer I’ve heard to the question, “What does the ascension mean to you?” came from a woman I met in Bandon, Oregon, when I was a guest at a light worker meeting. The hostess of the meeting had asked me to explain ascension in front of the small gathering. I didn’t know how to answer the question. Perhaps she thought that because I’ve put out a metaphysical newsletter for 25 years and directed conferences and written books, I’d be an “authority” on the subject.

It was Barbara from Coquille, who softly replied that she simply didn’t worry about the “ascension.” She was just grateful to have each day and to live each day in joy. Several years ago she had almost died from cancer but had completely recovered. Her ascension was assured.

I believe we are all “on course” toward our own ascension, and we each have our own path, although it may not be the same path as everybody else. If you have to worry about preparing yourself and getting on the good side of the Space Brothers by performing certain rituals or tasks in order to ascend, then maybe it’s time to have a serious talk with your higher self. The answers are already there... within.

And I have not forgotten the words of another light worker, a visitor to our group who spoke at our last meeting. The subject of dark forces had come up and he mentioned that serenity is the one thing they cannot get past. Fear feeds on fear, anger and revenge. The dark forces are empowered by the negative emotions they evoke in us. But when we remain serene, we rise above it all and cannot be touched.

That explained a lot. I knew then why I react so calmly in a world that is going mad. Earth changes are in effect, causing hardship and shortage of food. The economy is crumbling, our rights are being stripped from us, our security has been weakened, and we have a self-appointed “king” dictating his own agenda while those who should step forth and strike him down don’t!

Even though I don’t understand why the government is out of control, why our elected leaders are not doing things to help us get out of the mess we’re in... I can’t help feeling that sense of peace and serenity. Where did that come from? A gift from within, perhaps... a secret knowing that soon everything will be right.

But before things can be right, we need to act on them. I believe in our US Constitution and the intention that our forefathers put into it. As far as I’m concerned this contract is non-negotiable. Anyone who tries to dismantle our Constitution is treasonous, and I will do my part to fight to uphold it.

My answer to all of this is to become a spiritual warrior. Be Love and Light. Or better yet... speak out about what you believe and bring awareness to the countless others who appear to be oblivious to what is going on. It is all up to each one of us. Nobody is coming to rescue us. We each need to do our part to bring about the Golden Age.

Be your loving self and project your light to a troubled world. When your heart has been opened and you feel gratitude, compassion and serenity, it will spill out and go viral. Remember the four agreements and apply them to your life. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.