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Monday, September 12, 2011

UFOs: Evolution of a True Believer, September 2011

September's issue of The Star Beacon features James Parsons, who writes about his experiences with UFOs in "UFOs -- Evolution of a True Believer." Parsons is an art dealer near Taos, N.M. and his story is interesting and full of references to other researchers and well known authors in the UFO field. You can read this article LIVE on Earth Star's Web site.

What else is in the September issue? An inmate has his say about being a "light worker" in prison and the pitfalls he's up against.

Ray Larsen talks about "Radar and the 1952 Washington, DC UFO Flap" in his column, RADIO WAVES. The July UFO flap over DC happened in the month and year of my birth, so it has always been a fascination to me.

John Cali and Spirit tell "The Secret to Manifesting Your Dreams" in Conversations With Spirit and John Cali. There's nothing difficult about the process of manifesting... as long as you know when to get out of the way.
In this months' Cosmic Book Review we feature Red Eagle Speaks, A Book of Wisdom, by Riz Mirza as told to Oriah Miller. The color is gorgeous and the writing offers powerful insights and teachings.

In "The Meaning of It All" my "Illusion Bubble has burst" -- prompted by my experience of having a bear break into my garbage dumpster when I thought my back yard was safe because of the fence. Read about how disillusionment got me to where I am now -- LIVE on Earth Star's Web site.

DISC-ussion tells about the "Massive UFOs over Carmichael, Calif." in August, and "Budd Hopkins' transition" on Aug. 21. It also discusses the "Quakes in areas that don't shake" (Colorado and Virginia), and mention of the "US Navy Space Command and Elenin." Read DISC-ussion LIVE.

Commander Sanni Ceto answers lots of questions this month in "Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET," the Q & A about space, ETs and so much more. Read it LIVE on Earth Star's Web site.

Sanni's book STRANDED ON EARTH, The Story of a Roswell Survivor, has just come out as an ebook at Amazon Kindle (and for just $6.95). Check it out! I love my Kindle and take it along with me when I have to sit in waiting rooms. It easily fits into my purse. Ebooks are the rage right now. Most of my books are already up as ebooks, either at Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. If you're interested in getting any of my ebooks, just go to my Author Page for the direct links.

The energies have accelerated in the last week or so. Have you noticed? My God! It's exciting, but it can also be a little disconcerting. Just remember to let go of all fear and embrace Love and Light. Know that all is happening just as it should and you, as a Light Worker, are an important part of the unfolding New Age.

Until next month...