Star Beacon publisher Annie Miller

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Enjoying the Pacific Northwest's Olympic Peninsula

My partner and I left home the first week in June and have been exploring Washington state's Olympic Peninsula. What an incredible area of North America... rain forests, rocky scenic shorelines, the mountains and Hurricane Ridge... it's been a blast. In a few days we will head back to Colorado via Montana and Wyoming.

Meanwhile, the June Star Beacon features Alan Cohen's essay, "I have no complaint whatsoever!" This is a philosophy I have been living by for months. When you are grateful for everything in your life -- including things that are not so pleasant -- and you concentrate on the fact that you have everything you need at this present moment -- wonderful things begin to happen.

Michael Guest's letter in the June issue talks about "There is no other side." His perspective is that we are already on the spiritual side.

Jelaila Starr gives us a "Higher Perspective on Osama bin Laden's death" in her May 2011 article which includes news of Comet Elenin.

Mike Martin writes about "Cold Fusion: It May Not Be Madness," about an Italian scientist who claims to have invented a small cold fusion reactor that can produce electricity at a lower cost than any other newly constructed energy source.

"Speaking Our Truth" is an important piece from Melinda Inn, who gives examples of what to say and how to say it. Being impeccable with our word is, after all, one of the Four Agreements (Don Ruiz Miguel).

Sherly Pedersen channels an excellent message on "Exit Points," those times in one's life when you could easily have made your escape off the planet but chose instead to stay.

Teotwawki Living gives recommendations on how to prepare, plan and stay informed in a changing world, with good advice from Carol Elek.

Ray Larsen has an update as "Everything Changes" in Radio Waves, rehashing some shows that are of interest to Star Beacon readers, and adding the importance of CB radios in preparation for times ahead.

John Cali discusses "What causes illness?" in his Conversations with Spirit and John Cali.

My DISC-ussion column in June talks about "Sanni's return to Roswell again" and her subsequent visit to Pagosa Springs. Also, it tells about the sighting of a diamond craft in early May near Bayfield, Colorado.

"The Meaning of It All" tells about "The road less traveled" and changes I am facing in the months ahead. I stress that "once a lightworker, always a lightworker," but sometimes life sends us on a different course.

Finally, in "Commander's Star Base: Ask an ET" Sanni answers questions about altered Grays and about cannibalism in the ET world.

You can read all of the articles in the June issue when you order the PDF copy for just one dollar. Go to Earth Star's home page and you'll find the link to order from: http://www.earthstarpublications.com. You may prefer a copy of the print version ($2.50) or you could just order a full year's subscription and be done with it! PDF (on line) subs are $12 a year and print subs are $27 ($30 Canada and $36 foreign).

Till next month... which is right around the corner, by the way... NAMASTE!

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